Living Yoga

Living yoga (Hatha yoga) is much more than a stretch on the mat, although this is a strong element and benefit of the practice. Living yoga allows us to connect with and drop into the space within us where a very deep peace and relaxation is found. The space of awareness that is always with us but not always remembered to be so.

Through the specific techniques and principles taught in a  Living Yoga class and a dedicated practice you will find your way to a more constant level of acceptance and flow in your life, a renewal of the joy and a gratitude for challenges rather than intense anxieties.

Postures (asanas), breathwork (pranayama), guided relaxations and actively working the 4 principles of hatha yoga on the mat allows us to bring it to our everyday lives off the mat.

You don’t need to be super flexible, spiritual, thin or peaceful to reap the benefits that yoga brings! Just a willingness of heart to experience the technology of yoga which leads you to ultimate well being.

All levels welcome.

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