Home Birth Midwifery


Full midwifery care is provided by Kirsty, in conjunction with the HSE to support low-risk women having babies in their own homes.

Kirsty works with the multi-disciplinary team in UHK to ensure gold standard care and practice is provided to women and their families.

The booking appointment is scheduled at approximately twenty-eight weeks, after the anomaly scan and after the woman has been seen by the lead consultant obstetrician to be signed off for eligibility for having a homebirth. From this point on Kirsty will provide full antenatal care. Until the booking appointment is conducted all care is conducted by the GP in conjunction with the hospital.

Kirsty provides five antenatal appointments and five postnatal appointments and will be on call for the delivery from thirty-seven weeks gestation. Kirsty works closely with Sinead Murphy, who will be the second midwife at the delivery.

At fourteen days care is handed over to the public health nurse.

If, due to unforeseen circumstances Kirsty is unavailable for the birth a transfer into UHK may be required unless a midwife (and a second) can be allocated. We try our utmost not to let this happen, but your safety is the main priority. if this situation arises this will be communicated to you promptly.

For more information and to discuss booking in please contact me here via the contact page or via www.corkandkerryhomebirth.com

We look forward to meeting you and supporting your journey to motherhood.