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Looking for Baby Massage Training in Ireland


Learn How To Massage Your Baby

Massaging your baby strengthens bonding, alleviate colic and help to  relax both parent and baby. A wonderful way to get to know each other.

Learn how to massage your baby 5-week course content:

the history, theory of infant massage

infant massage strokes (reflexology, baby yoga, Indian and Swedish massage)

massage oils

massage for older children

using massage to relieve colic

massage techniques for babies born prematurely

massage techniques for babies with additional needs

relaxation techniques

Discussions on- crying, behavioural states, infant cues, benefits and bonding.

Classes are fun, sociable and run in a relaxed environment where you  have the time and space to get to know your baby and meet other parents.  The message is tailored to the needs of each baby. All welcome.

Price: £80 for the five-week course (90 minutes per session).

‘Massaging a baby is an art, As deep as it is old. Simple but difficult and difficult because it is simple’

(Dr. Frederick Leboyer)

Holistic Therapies for the fourth trimester

Parenthood is a big transition and it is crucial to nurture yourself during this time.

We provide deeply relaxing and nourishing treatments to:

improve your sleep and rest

aid feeding

speed up the healing of the uterus

support you through relationship changes

help you relax

30-minute consultation – £7.50

1-hour treatment – £40

3 or more treatments – £35 per session

Infant massage

Infant massage supports the bonding process between parent and child,  can help relieve colic and improve sleep patterns. We offer group  infant massage classes and one-to-one support in the Hampshire area.

Antenatal & Labour Massage

Holistic Therapies

Pregnancy is a significant time in a woman’s life journey but a changing body can be physically and emotional challenging.

We tailor make evidence-based treatments to alleviate pregnancy  symptoms such as nausea, pain, stress and anxiety. This deeply  nourishing treatment is performed on your side with plenty of pillows  and blankets for comfort. Feet, legs, back, abdomen, neck, shoulders and  head are massaged with beautiful aromatherapy oils specific to your  pregnancy needs.

30-minute consultation – £7.50

1-hour treatment – £40

3 or more treatments – £35 per session

Birthing companionship (doula)

If you would like a birth companion who will use oils, massage,  encouragement and positioning throughout the early stage of labour and  potentially to transfer into hospital or stay at home with you then  having a doula is a wonderful asset.

Kirsty, experienced doula and midwife has supported many women  through labour and would be privileged to attend your birth, time  permitting.

Please note this is a non-clinical role, I will not be practising as a midwife for labour care.

If you would like to find out more about the support Kirsty can offer through her doula service, please complete our contact form.

Fertility & Pre-conception Massage

Holistic Therapies

Planning your journey into pregnancy is very sensible and  professional, holistic advice can aid the physical, emotional and  psychological experience.

After taking a detailed consultation of your menstrual history, we  will create a holistic package specific to your well being at that point  in time.

Reflexology, massage, reiki, shiatsu, kinesiology are some techniques that may be used. Aftercare advice is likely to include nutrition, exercise, yoga and self-care.

This work is complementary to IVF and fertility treatments, working well together.

30 mins consultation – £7.50

1-hour treatment – £40

Package of 3 sessions plus consultation –

£112.50 (£35 per session)

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