Course Goals and Objectives

International Association of Infant Massage Instructor Training 2021.

Trainer: Kirsty Hawthorn Chapter; Ireland.

At the close of the training, you will have the tools to:

  1. Understand the nature of this work, including empowering families through Infant Massage
  2. Identify the benefits of Infant Massage for the Infant and the parent/caregiver.
  3. Correctly do the entire massage sequences and techniques on a doll. Adapt the stroke variations for the older child.
  4. Describe relaxation techniques for parents/caregivers and child.
  5. Be introduced to babies with special needs and how variations in massage may be adapted.
  6. Be introduced to parents and their special situations and some babies born with special needs.
  7. Have good knowledge of 'Infant Cues' and be able to discuss the importance of identification, possible interpretation and response to those cues.
  8. Observe parent-infant interactions and 'follow' the experience, then to objectively discuss your teaching and the teaching of others.
  9. Be introduced to 'Infant Crying' and how it is related to our work as Instructors.
  10. Be introduced to 'Bonding' and how this issue influences work in Infant Massage.
  11. Define and practice good communication skills. These will help you and your relationships with babies and their families.
  12. Run parent-babies classes with appropriate teaching skills.
  13. Know how to implement an infant massage programme in your community and/or place of work. This topic includes 'inner marketing'.
  14. Complete the certification requirements within 12 months of the completion of the training.
  15. Understand the I.A.I.M, its structure, Mission Statement and your role as an Instructor (C.I.M.I).
  16. Understand how you can support and be supported as a member of your local I.A.I.M Chapter.

Two little eyes to look around, Two little ears to hear a sound, One little nose to smell what's sweet, One little mouth that likes to eat. - Traditional nursery rhyme


The four-day training in Ireland is 810 Euros which includes all tuition, course materials, healthy teas and snacks, exam fee, certification with the International Association of Infant Massage and student membership with Baby Massage Ireland until you qualify.
A demonstration doll is not included in this price, a professional doll is an extra 70 Euros.

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