Hebamme gibt Schwangeren Akupunktur

Acupuncture has been used over the last 2,500 years in China and Eastern cultures as a traditional method to encourage the body to restore and maintain good health. It is believed that optimal health is dependent on the body’s motivating energy (called Qi) moving in a smooth and balanced way (Ying & Yang) through a series of channels beneath the skin. If for any reason the Qi becomes unbalanced the energy cannot move freely causing pain or illness.

Acupuncture is considered very safe during pregnancy and can be an effective alternative to oral medicine, medical aides or manipulation techniques when carried out by a trained maternity practitioner.

Acupuncture works by inserting fine needles into the channels of Qi energy (called Meridians). These needles cause the body to react by sending natural endorphins to the site allowing the body to self-heal and reinstate natural balance within the body (contrary to popular belief, you can hardly feel the needles!)

For the best effect, regular sessions throughout pregnancy are advised.
Pregnancy acupuncture is a potentially effective treatment for supporting pregnancy and childbirth which aims to encourage an integrated approach to pregnancy where conventional maternity care may be supported by a drug-free, holistic option offering women a choice to enhance their physical and emotional health and to address pregnancy discomforts.

There is strong evidence to suggest that acupuncture is beneficial for back and pelvic pain, and it may also help with:

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Back and pelvic pain
  • Heartburn and indigestion
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Early pregnancy support
  • Constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Varicose veins and vulval varicosities
  • Birth preparation & natural induction of labour
  • Preparation for medical induction of labour
  • Breech babies and babies in a posterior position
  • Musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, pelvic girdle pain, hip pain, sciatica
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Hypertension
  • Pain relief in labour
  • Insomnia
  • Itching in pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Threatened miscarriage
  • Mastitis and breastfeeding issues
  • Postpartum recovery

Acupuncture should only be used in pregnancy under the guidance of a practitioner who is qualified in the use of acupuncture in maternity care. If you have any concerns following treatment it is important to seek advice from your acupuncturist.