About Kirsty & Forty Weeks

Kirsty Forty Weeks

Kirsty’s interest in birth began in  1998 when meeting an independent midwife in the UK influenced her subsequent extensive travels through Sub Saharan Africa.

When living and travelling in  Mozambique and Swaziland Kirsty immersed herself in the rich tribal culture. This unique opportunity provided first-hand experience of how women and midwives approached pregnancy, birth and early childcare.  Profoundly influenced by the women’s knowledge of traditional midwifery  Kirsty returned to Ireland with an ignited passion for birth.

Kirsty trained with the International  Association of Infant Massage as a CIMI and Trainer, in an array of holistic therapies for pregnancy, as a doula,  Midwife and then as a yoga teacher. The balance of clinical and complementary therapies is very much entwined.

Kirsty currently works as a case-loading midwife in the UK providing home births and full midwifery care. She provides holistic treatments from YOU Massage in Southampton where she sees clients from preconception to motherhood.

Forty Weeks was established in Kinsale, Co Cork in 2002.